Confession #1: It’s just an excuse to eat more

I When asked why I wanted to start a food blog, I could wax lyrical about refining my palette, or exploring new cultures, or even about how I want to develop my technical understanding. Now, this is all true, but the more accurate answer is probably closer to “It gives me an excuse to eat more food”.

I don’t exactly need an excuse, food is sustenance needed for life after all, however, if I were to give one then writing about a passion seems as good an excuse as any. I mean, when you spend as much time researching food, photographing food, talking about food, and of course eating food, you start to feel as though you ought to have a good reason for it.

You only have to look at the picture to see how much I genuinely enjoy my food (and who doesn’t love a good artisan beer with gyros in the sunshine?!) so I thought why not share this passion with the blogging world, meet more likeminded people rather than constantly bugging my own friends and family with my one track mind, and continue challenging myself to try new things.

Hopefully this first post hasn’t put you off for life and you get plenty more enjoyment and inspiration from reading about my food adventures(…and confessions when I’ve eaten too much as often happens…)!


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